During my internship at Highway Twenty, I had the opportunity to work on a marketing campaign for NorthBridge, a Phoenix nonprofit that provides support for college-bound students with learning disabilities.

Social Media Graphics

I created 8 graphics for NorthBridge’s blog, and these graphics were then optimized for other platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to promote the blog content. I learned how to make social media graphics in line with NorthBridge's guidelines while modernizing the brand.

NorthBridge Social Media

Student Guide

I also designed a guide for parents of students with learning differences. The guide takes on a workbook format to help students and parents make informed decisions about transitioning to college. By the end of designing the social graphics and the guide, I had developed a set of icons and modernized the brand while staying true to NorthBridge’s guidelines.

NorthBridge team critique time

Photo credit: Noemi Gonzalez

NorthBridge photo
NorthBridge photo